leo dying at ravi’s speed quiz answer ~__~
(hongbin wanted you to say “gopchang” ravi…………)

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lick lick lick sqeesh


every class is art class if you dont care enough

holy shit someone stop moon hyuna please 

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29/100 gifs of my perfect namja Kai [his precious eye smile ;u;~]


"there’s so much noise inside her little head
she scratches it all around, she scratches it all around”

douchebin making fun of the way leo runs with starlights ♥

our queen hyuna wearing a flower crown at her fansign <3

let’s wind down; more mellow, slow, and soft songs by female k-pop artists (featuring some guys also) to listen to towards the end of your day. mostly non-title songs that you haven’t heard too often. listen here! + morning playlist


140830 ST★RLIGHT ‘One Star’ Fan Meeting
Becoming H DO NOT EDIT

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